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The origins of Restaurant La Gavina

The origins of Restaurant La Gavina date right back to 1930, when the Ferrer-Espí family of restaurateurs opened up the outdoor restaurant ‘Costa Azul’. It was located in Barceloneta, a privileged area of Barcelona.

For several years now, the restaurant has been run by the fourth generation of this family of restaurateurs, Agustín Seoane, Albert Seoane and Laia Seoane.

La Gavina has now celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary as a must-visit Mediterranean and seafood restaurant in Barcelona. Based on tradition and know-how, this culinary bastion narrates the evolution of a neighbourhood and a city.


Fishermen used to have small sheds by the sea where they’d store their boats, from which they’d see a huge influx of people coming to the beachfront promenade. As a result, they started selling drinks and even steamed mussels or grilled sardines. Years later, they turned into more permanent restaurants where you could savour the best paellas and the best fish dishes in Barcelona.

Conxita Espí, together with her husband Juan, ran the restaurant for thirty years. Their daughter María Luisa Espí and her husband Agustín Ferrer took over until 1989, when all the restaurants in the area were demolished by the coastal law, causing a great uproar in the neighbourhood and in the city.

Given the love that this family has for Barceloneta, they looked for a new location in the neighbourhood itself and found it at the former Almacenes Generales de Comercio, now the Palau de Mar, built in 1881. In 1992, María Luisa, Agustín, their daughter María Ferrer and her husband Ramon Seoane opened the brand new Restaurant La Gavina.